Hazardous Substances, the Environment, and Accident Prevention

October 28, 2016 Mae Environmental LawsHealth Laws

Many businesses deal with hazardous substances in one form or another. Sometimes, a business’ activities produce hazardous substances as a by-product or form of waste. In many other cases, dangerous chemicals are an integral part of business operations; something that is often the case in manufacturing, science and engineering, and medical settings. Even cleaning products [...]


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What does being an eco-friendly business actually mean?

January 24, 2015 admin Environmental Laws

Being an eco-friendly business in essence means simply doing everything possible to reduce your carbon footprint and protect the planet. Unpacking that nutshell reveals the range and scale of potential actions that green-minded companies can take. The term covers everything from those first tiny steps to going full tilt towards complete business sustainability. The greenwash: [...]


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Bold politics and bad environmental stewardship in Mexico

August 12, 2014 Mae News

In a far reaching and drastic series of reforms in Mexico, energy became private recently. Last December saw Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto sign into law a far reaching bill that privatised Mexican oil and allowed foreign oil firms to bid for rights to exploit Mexican oil. Since the 1930′s the state has owned and [...]


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Fire Ice: energy source of the future?

July 7, 2014 Mae Climate

A contentious environmental issue of modern times is energy. Both the environmental impact of energy resources, and the increasing scarcity of such resources, are of great concern. Energy companies, environmentalists, scientists and governments all need to start considering now for a future where the traditional oil and gas resources will be very limited. Great effort [...]


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Fire Ice and Energy Independence

June 9, 2014 Mae Uncategorized

These days, nations and scientists are trying to some up with solutions to the problem of energy resources. With traditional sources of energy having caused such environmental damage, and creating political, diplomatic and trade issues, great effort has been made in finding other sources of energy. The latest such environmentally friendly alternative to traditional sources [...]


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Cherry blossoms: a stark environmental warning

April 8, 2014 Mae News

Japan recently started observing the ancient cultural tradition of hamani (flower viewing). This annual tradition involves many observing and enjoying the blooming of the cherry blossom across Japan. Cherry blossom blooms in between March and May, at different times in different areas of Japan according to the climatic conditions (slightly cooler conditions are needed for [...]


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May Elections: let the environment have a voice

March 18, 2014 Mae Environmental Laws

Many local councils and authorities across the country face elections this coming May. In preparation, the three main parties have already began campaigning, and laying the groundwork for attempts to take control of councils, or to remain in control of local councils. These elections are seen by commentators and political parties alike as a dry [...]


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New UK lobbying bill a concern for environmental lobbyists

February 18, 2014 Mae News

Acts of Parliament are drafted in such a way that their meaning and intent is clear. Despite that, lawyers and judges regularly read different or nuanced interpretations or meanings into the most obvious Bills. For a Bill, however, that is not overly that clear, the consequences can be serious, and often contrary to the desired [...]


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The environment and personal injury claims

January 17, 2014 Mae People

Tsunamis can bring with them immediate destruction, and also long term consequences, as the Philippines are finding out. Three years after a tsunami ripped through the Japanese coastline,  the effects remain. The geological consequences of the tsunami, along with human error and other factors,  led to the meltdown at the Fukishima nuclear  power plant. The [...]


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‘Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?’

December 18, 2013 Mae NewsPeople

Santa Claus had better take care this Christmas. As he sets out from his North Pole lair to deliver presents, he had better watch out; the Arctic is slowly becoming a battleground. The major players are Canada and Russia. On the Canadian side of the Arctic, they feel strongly that that have a right to [...]


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